Improve Teaching-learning Processes for Computer Systems Engineering of the Courses in Distance Education in TecNM

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María Hernández
Beatriz Ríos
Dubelza Oliva
Carmen Jorge
Joan Ocaña


In the Technological National of Mexico in San Luis Potosí (TecNM of SLP), Studies in computer systems in Engineering are taught, with a distance education model. However, it is detected that sometimes some classes are lost, which implies little effectiveness of the model. In the present study, a collection of data on connection effectiveness was carried out, to propose a reinforcement in the courses taught. Teachers were surveyed between January 2018 and December 2018, for each session and the results showed that 96.42% of the sessions were connected and were of good quality. Even so, it was proposed the realization and use of virtual courses to which the students could have asynchronous and timeless access, as an extra support, in case the students do not attend the campuses, they want to return to the class to clarify any doubt or review the class for preparation of practical work or evaluation.

Virtual courses, Technological National of México in San Luis Potosí, Virtual education Model (VEM), Distance Education (DE).

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Hernández, M., Ríos, B., Oliva, D., Jorge, C., & Ocaña, J. (2020). Improve Teaching-learning Processes for Computer Systems Engineering of the Courses in Distance Education in TecNM. Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science, 4(4), 1-5.
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