Smart Technologies for Smart Campus Information System

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Nathan Nachandiya
Yusufu Gambo
Neil’s B. Joel
Philemon Davwar


The increasing development of intelligent technologies offer opportunities for objects in the real world to communicate using sensors and communication networks. One of the application areas is the smart campus for the smart information system. The construction of the smart campus based on smart technologies such as Bigdata, cloud computing, mobile computing, network infrastructure needs the understanding and the exploration of these technologies in the development process. This conceptual paper explored the roles of smart technologies in developing a smart campus. Analysis of the key concepts; the architectural layers for the smart campus were proposed hoping to promote smart campus information system for a sustainable intelligent campus. The concept could be a platform for developing smart city in a developing context.

Bigdata, cloud computing, network, smart campus, campus, city.

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Nachandiya, N., Gambo, Y., B. Joel, N., & Davwar, P. (2018). Smart Technologies for Smart Campus Information System. Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science, 2(2), 1-7.
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