Traffic Modeling Using Raw Packet Generator on Corporate Computer Network

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A. Danladi
G. P. Vasira


Fractal dimension is mathematically defined as a ratio of statistical complexity of network traffic; its significant manifestation can affect the network performance. In this work, two models of corporate computer networks have been developed using optimized network engineering tool (OPNET) technology. Raw packet generator (RPG) traffic was imposed on the corporate networks and modeled using H = 0.7 and D = 1.3, under the influence of Pareto distribution. Autocorrelation function and power law were used to confirm the presence of fractal traffic on the networks. Average Hurst index (H) of 50 and 100 workstations were estimated using aggregate of variance, absolute moment, periodogram and R/S methods as 0.627, 0.608 and its corresponding fractal dimensions (D) were obtained as 1.371 and 1.391 respectively. These results obtained mean, there is a manifestation of fractal traffic and delay is minimised on the network.


Fractal, traffic, modeling, Hurst index, dimension and network

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Danladi, A., & P. Vasira, G. (2018). Traffic Modeling Using Raw Packet Generator on Corporate Computer Network. Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science, 2(1), 1-10.
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