Implementation of Stable Marriage Algorithm in Student Project Allocation

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Salisu Modi
Nura M. Shagari
Buhari Wadata


Project allocation is an annual challenge for lecturers and students. The process of allocating project involves matching preferences of students over project and with of staff over the student, and is thus an instance of stable marriage problem from theoretical computer science aspect. The aim is to find a stable allocation of project to students, such that it is impossible to find a project swap that would make all involved parties (both students, both staff) happier. This paper investigated efficacy of stable marriage algorithm and deployed basic Gale Sharply Algorithm into the process of allocating student project. A system was developed using ruby and MySQL to handle the task. The result showed that the algorithm was able to improve the process by enhancing the stability involved. 


Stable marriage, preferences, allocation, algorithm and project

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Modi, S., M. Shagari, N., & Wadata, B. (2018). Implementation of Stable Marriage Algorithm in Student Project Allocation. Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science, 1(4), 1-9.
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