Conversation Modeling with Neural Network

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Jivan Y. Patil
Girish P. Potdar


The ability to process, understand and interact in natural language carries high importance for building a Intelligent system, as it will greatly affect the way of communicating with the system. Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) have achieved excellent performance for many of machine learning problems and are widely accepted for applications in the field of computer vision and supervised  learning. Although DNNs work well with availability of large labeled training set, it cannot be used to map complex structures like sentences end-to-end. Existing approaches for conversational modeling are domain specific and require handcrafted rules. This paper proposes a simple approach based on use of neural networks’ recently proposed sequence to sequence framework. The proposed model generates reply by predicting sentence using chained probability for given sentence(s) in conversation. This model is trained end-to-end on large data set. Proposed approach uses Attention to focus text generation on intent of conversation as well as beam search to generate optimum output with some diversity.Primary findings show that model shows common sense reasoning on movie transcript data set.

Natural language processing, deep learning, Chatbots, natural language understanding, artificial intelligence, neural networks, reinforcement learning

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Y. Patil, J., & P. Potdar, G. (2018). Conversation Modeling with Neural Network. Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science, 1(3), 1-10.
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